Monday, January 21, 2013

friendship bracelet for watch

 hi eveybody this is my favorite part in my first holiday , i found it on youtube how to make true frienship bracelets . The first side i see its very difficult but I believe if we wanna try there are no difficult shape when you do it . it is my bigginers , how about it? when I using it for photo profile on bbm one of the chat me if should be sale on !!! haha I said that I really confused to set price , because the process is easy but takes along time to make it . Seriously just do it I will give you the link to learning . But i have planing to sale it after have already made some stock as an option for you , Wait yaaa , its make me addictions for sure . Make your holiday have fun to make it .
it is the link to all of you who are really interest try to make

happy crafting all , you can also share to mee if you already success to make it :D

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