Friday, August 26, 2011

colection of necklace (ethnic)

this is the one of my favorite I've made , like an indian , unique and simple for used in daily . 
This is have two ways for using ,one way you put the decorations can be adjacent to the left or right side . And the seconds way you can put the decorations on the center . Put on two options it makes you comfortable.  

the last is no less unique with a different decoration, I add a large safety pin wrapped in wool . Yes you can see how different decorate :)

Never be afraid to be different, because it allows us to be unique

always cecked this page and see new colection 


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Clay Owl


I try make clay , need three times for make this perfect . And its the last I've made and succes already :D 
just buying book about " How to make clay " and only follow the step you can make unique stuff , it make me addicted to make it , maybe next if already all stuff sold out will make it again hahaha . I sure if we want always try eventhough the first time we made look worst and really not satisfy but from the first we have meaning curious it make us want do better . ya! I feel it now , and from failure we can learn it .

Monday, August 15, 2011

Trying again and again

hello Iam starting from zero again , hu never give up for created my dream . I've quite long time have this blog but I never fill it not because Iam lazy or no time but its about I've modem but its very need patience for waiting the loading :( really bad I cant share all of my stuff here , I just exist on facebook only because I just understand how to use it on facebook and the loading its not too bad for upload some photos. I also make it not too long ago, some months ago and I am grateful that pretty much interested to visit and gave some LIKE or order it actually and is enough to make me more passion to make something new again . I never bored ya , imagination its something that have to developed , the key is "do not be quick to feel proud of what we get, but still always be grateful and make it better not be cocky"