Tuesday, October 9, 2012

karya lama bersemi kembali

i called them process , like we grow up from children into adult we actually on process. if we have dreaming , and we couldn't make them stay on their cage just let them free . let them fly with concept . may be on procces we need study to fail first and make it better learn from our first. make it simple , with what you need now . make it flow like a waters. and believe you can make it happend . and i can tell you or maybe just sharing about process. to success we meet process , imposible if success come without process its maybe called miracle . 

oke lets move on to read my process, i seriously did my hobby 2years or 3years ago . i mean seriously to make hobby become money :D . hehe because you have to know if under age hmm i mean teenagers actually wanted too much something , something important or something not important haha . so i dont wanna only depand on my parents because it fell different when you could bought something that you are very wanted by your own proceeds. hihi its real happen to me , like bought handphone or lovely bag or dress or shoes aaahh anything that girls needing . my first process i didnt think muluk-muluk hehe highwishes , not! i did all just for my interesting to wasted my weekends. i selling my product with low price , i just thinking i could back myfund . and make them adorable and my friends wanna buy . and i used minim materials with what able at home i mix it so my cheap fund or i dont have money to make a fund . just inspirations to creat my fund :D alhamdulillah from few become something that i believe if i have talend :'D and i learn more . and i could get fund to buy another material real in shop . to get apreciated is already make me touched :') 

and now im out my cage to fly high with slow but sure , i still in process now and i need something more awesome. 
"jangan cepat merasa puas"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

happy batik day

happy batik days , hihi , i have a time to posting so i write two post , this is still have issue with batik day . this is my task at campus , nirmana subjec we should made batik in paper and coloring with poster only 5colors primer white , red, yello,blue,black , i should to mix it . really i need too much time to wasted only doing this task but i enjoy it , its still proses , next time i'll take a pict if it fineshed , pray for me to finish this task before deadline kiling me softly :'D

"proses is expensive"


october batik day

hi hello haloha readers welcome october , i should write this post yesterday isnt it? haha today already 2nd october hihi why not , never too late if we have a change :D . oh anyway today i saw too much people wear batik , its very indonesia banget :D realy their very appreciated with batik , because i think batik is unique items that we must have if we real indonesian . wow although i  seldom to wear it but hellooo batik is not only blouse or tshirt but like a bag accecories could be batik too . hmmm i have one of my colections , i realy like batik because their gonna be something uniqe and chic if we chould mix it , realy didn't believe? lets see ....

 its the one of headband batik , it could be necklace too :D

love from me dainty :*