Saturday, August 25, 2012

mini witty sweety

 when it fit on your bangle , cute isnt it , grab me mini giraffe, mini angle ,mini rabbit let them to complete your day :D

 the ring i made the color suit with bracelet , purple lovers . and in the ring i give nature charm , because being natural is more pretty

 maroon lovers must have it really i love it too :D
 mini pink rabbit with the ring make them suitable for use :D

 never never give up ring for your motivation , that you life should face everything so you must never give up! with everything in next to you
 yellow skull its not meaning mellow :D

 mini witty angel ring

Monday, August 20, 2012

diy wood bean peace charm

daintys handmade

diy feather necklace full colors

hey i tried  to give some mini tutorials again ,may give inspirations :)
the fist step you can see of the left one in upside there are materials , 7colors feathers, chain, place for feathers, hook . and we need only the point of feather just cut like the picture , after that enter the feather to the place like circle they have hole for the base of feather dont forget give glue in order to stick in the place . after all colors done cut mini size chain like the picture and finally make them installed to long chaiin for necklace :D i hope you will understand only see the picture hehe


Saturday, August 18, 2012

ied mubarak 1433h

subhanallah alhamdulillah allahu akbar , big thanks to God this year we have opportunity to met ramadhan , may Allah give barakah and Allah give us ramadhan again in next year amin :)

mohon maaf lahir dan batin

..dainty handmade..

Friday, August 17, 2012

still in august

mini songket box

 mini songket box , for your lovely jawelries, like as ring bracelet or bross anything you  can save in here . indonesian culture isnt it ? songket patern , and being unique . available 7item only 15idr , save your lovely accessory make them savety and long lastiing

d.i.y dreamcatcher

d.i.y skull bracelet

easy way to create this simple skull bracelet . this is the way i try to made some tutorial hehe . i hope can help you to find inspiration for just take your empty time. you can use for your self or you can sell it too why not haha you can make money :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012

hut ri 67th

selamat ulang tahun Indonesiaku , terimakasih pahlawanku , karena tanpa engkau kami sebagai anak muda tidak semudah sekarang menjalani kehidupan kesejahteraan walau jajahan itu masih bisa datang dari manapun , semoga kita sebagai anak muda yang berbangasa selalu menjunjung baik bangsa kita , mencintai produk dalam negeri , agar bangsa kita tidak dijajah akan kemajuan jaman yang sangat pesat .

salam anak muda kreatif indonesia , maju indonesiaku :*

another design in august :D

 this is the one that i really interest :D , coool isnt it? haha but really i hope this fit to my face but doesnt bcause my face too longger and it fit to mini face haha , but it really cool . material froom wood and the rope adjustable . wanna get this one? please contac me soon only 50idr xoxo

new again necklace with vintage foto , camera , typemachine, paris, and old camera , love love love . in while time i interest something old or vintages , anything about vintage made me so waw! my mom said that all vintage now avail is already on my mom times ago when he grow teenager like me now. in my head now i have a dream for built the house with all unique and vintages stuff . haaa let me show i could make it in my future :D LOVE VINTAGE anything old its not make you left behind . but use vintage for fix this global worming , lets mix :)

this is the box one 35idr have 4different foto please choose the number 1-4

 and this is the round one same have 4item foto lets choose what very you :D