Monday, January 21, 2013

friendship bracelet for watch

 hi eveybody this is my favorite part in my first holiday , i found it on youtube how to make true frienship bracelets . The first side i see its very difficult but I believe if we wanna try there are no difficult shape when you do it . it is my bigginers , how about it? when I using it for photo profile on bbm one of the chat me if should be sale on !!! haha I said that I really confused to set price , because the process is easy but takes along time to make it . Seriously just do it I will give you the link to learning . But i have planing to sale it after have already made some stock as an option for you , Wait yaaa , its make me addictions for sure . Make your holiday have fun to make it .
it is the link to all of you who are really interest try to make

happy crafting all , you can also share to mee if you already success to make it :D


yey nomark again for my holiday , trust me i never go sleep early for it . I made new concept , very hectic till today . Because stock are empty just several in box so i must faster to make new colections in one week , oh noo but its real make me more entausiasm . I hope my long holiday in one month over being fluent with a busy thing to do  And something more useful .

see you !!! pray for succes concept , dare to be different , who live in semarang must come in  and find me there ^^
love you all , wait me the new post after this event already be held :D


one set romantic acc

hi lets introduce new product , hihi recomended for party or only for walking around mall hehe
i  porpose to make it one set with same shape in different place which one is headband with polka feather , bracelet and necklace .

Thursday, January 17, 2013

1st colections 2013

for price kindly check this fanpage

love you always my dainty 


hi everybody , welcome 2013 yey! I wanna say many thanks for all of you guys , its real i feel touched when I apparently still have a chance to feel my own hardwork . Because I never have too much wishes , but Ijust wish that everything have smooth way . On the years ago 2012 I already did all my wonderfull journay . From something that I never guess before . Back again I really thanks to God , to my parents , family , boyfriend , and all friends that alway give support . Thanks you so much , I could feel it more brave to show my future . I never afraid to make a dream , because maybe the reality is not same like our dream but we have once live , living with all we have . Everybody have right to dreaming , when we have hope we have a way . Dont be afraid younges . I believe in your young age you more have a time to doing too much . Because you have still fresh spirit .  So in this new years make a wish , and make a list what target you wanna get . 
Nothing imposible , anyway to go Roma .

And I have a good news guys , alhamdulillah . Because many request for  EkspresiSuaraRemaja make workshop again , and they want if the tallent is me as Dainty Handmade. So the end of january I fill in some workshop . There are 25seat available , but only in one day we make notice on public via bbm , facebook.and twitter all succes soldout . Thanks for big participation , I wish when this workshop make a good inspiring for young generation could stand alone without always depand on parents money always ^^ 
25seat sold out so we open seat again for 12 seat only soo who doens't join but you wanna just read this rules for register via message : name (spasi) age (spasi) handmade in fashion
send to : 081802006080 (mba jeko)
HTM 25idr include materials for making handmade acc , SNACK and Gift