Tuesday, July 3, 2012

nomaden market #9

yey this is the second time given to me the opportunity to make a bazaar, although  this week doing my UAS but still spirit of arrange a time. my lucky is this even started when i finished my UAS ,  success. be smooth. Do not forget to come the feel of this time different from the previous, thick Javanese culture, so Dainty also give batik works very impressed Java Indonesia oh really products in the country loved it :
i try to make all that i do , i am not too forces my self beacause i shoul keep healthy it must! so i do what can i do normaly , but still give the best :') my hard work giving me special place in my heart . i really wanna make all my dream came true , without You i canot like now . Big thanks for You God , dont make me easy satisfied with what i get , give me always the time for searching my identity .

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