Thursday, July 26, 2012


 sorry for being long time didnt write this post, i really need full fit and healthy for my body , after this even in one month i did twice even for bazar , and that time happend very close without spasi :D hehe sorry its to much but really i say what real happend to me. but i really thanks to God , i have way to post this story. why i try to write this post with english why not indonesia in order to make the reader easy to read . but i know my english actually my grammar is very worst. i just write what i could to say if i dont know the meaning i still open dictionary . and i just want every what i did is how to learn , study in everything situation  because  i didnt what what ive got in past is just only for forgoten . my parents actually my mom want to me learn english since elementary school but you know honestly i realy hate to study english , made me very dizzy . but by the time i got what my mom say that english is important for future . so i dont wanna make my mom dissapointed for what she wanted. i just feel enjoy although life is not easy like what i said . i said enjoy for make who listen to me doesnt worring. i said im ok is for my lovely stay ok to see me but honestly my heart is very needing someone to understanding , but one what iam believing is God never sleep , God always stay in my heart so only God could understand everything what i felt .

 waaa i dont wanna to much stay in sadness it is how great news , i will post some photos in twice bazar in this month 14july in Al Azhar 14 tembalang , i dont know real the titlle of this even i know this even 3days before this even starting ,whereas in 7-8july i already did bazar too  . i dont have too much planing on this bazar , my new friends in bbm ask me to join in one stand for 2 stuff , and she made souvenirs handmade too so we very suitable to make colaburation in this bazar the titlle is Local Handmade , for daintys handmade and mates galery , was very great only one day but antusiastic people in there and influence after this bazar very big hamdallah without God im nothing . this is pict i've take for my lovely costumers , i couldnt always takes the photos because i must attend to them too :')

thanks for having my products , wish me for all the best to you my lovely dainty , thanks for support loving and make me still have spirit from little to bigger and never easily satisfied :')

love me for you daintys lovers :*

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