Sunday, January 26, 2014

Paragon Mall Semarang | February 5-9 let's Shopping

hey readers , and all my task on campus was over and have a great score even though one of them have reduction :( :) .
=time for holiday=
my holiday engage with activities that I like , introduction to sewing mechines bcz i was interested to sew up and production new stuff (still struggling in handmade area) . yeees I was hunting in online store about fabric , bcz no cutes motive in my countries . I know its not cheaper than I bought directly at the site . But I think is being worth it bcz the fare(ongkos perjalanan) to the out of town not easy . so I do it by online , even thought i can't feel how I exiting with the cutes fabric of them . and the next project I will made some totebag , pouch , wallet, pencil case , binder cover , notebook , and many other experiments that I did . stay tune and wait my progress.
it's my second event in 2014 , Paragon Mall semarang in 5-9 have 5days i should display my works of DaintysHandmade accessories for your pretty life :)
for all of you who stay on Semarang or you have planing for holiday please come and shopping in my areas . Handmade stuff the limited edittion would be there .
I look forward to seeing you guys to bring my Handmade :)

card name for our collaboration made by me , vintage theme bcz we are girls who crazy about vintage , pastel , flowers . Yes bismillah we have a great day to do the best , we can do it !

see you february 5-9 2014

annisa tira apriliana

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