Saturday, September 14, 2013

love decor // vintage style

bazar hello market solo last week 6-8sept , got collaboration with a same favorites :))
my photosession for product , i did it all by me , for decor and photoshoot , i love it :D

my craft room , beautiful mess , this is the place that all my passion from morning to the night, its look being tidy and cute buuuut its only exception hihi its after a while im really busy and have no time to clean up my room , soo when it well clean done just shoot it :D somewhile i would be post my real time when i am producting . and dont be shocked ! :D xx

 my new corner , antique window from dutch heritage , feels so vintage , i found it where i love the trashy place in roadside . i get pretty vintage stuff with a cheap price . weillaa rest of dutch building being usefull to shelfbook , and sometimes i will take it to my event (bazar) to place my vintage notes // new product :D

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