Saturday, December 22, 2012

good new , hamdallah 0:)

alhamdulillah , thanks God you give me this gift . i wonder when some friends in workshop with suara muda call me that she wanna meet me for interview the title is creativity . the interviewer are from junior . that photo they are between me hehe . the younges interviewer really nice to meet them .

And than this is the last interview in this month , ekspresi suara merdeka online , thanks mba femna who interview me on workshop event at paragon mall . May all in madia chould make inspiring to younges for doing something useless , because every people have potential . Find it and make it grow and show what you could do . Creativity is needing for everything , because if we wanna got succes we should out of the box , find another great way that people never know before or never make it before .

love you all , always stay creative for everything that you did , do something different . Out for something that you always doing and find another new . lets share with me , i really welcome to listen :)

see another greeat neews ,
annisa tira apriliana

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