Tuesday, October 2, 2012

october batik day

hi hello haloha readers welcome october , i should write this post yesterday isnt it? haha today already 2nd october hihi why not , never too late if we have a change :D . oh anyway today i saw too much people wear batik , its very indonesia banget :D realy their very appreciated with batik , because i think batik is unique items that we must have if we real indonesian . wow although i  seldom to wear it but hellooo batik is not only blouse or tshirt but like a bag accecories could be batik too . hmmm i have one of my colections , i realy like batik because their gonna be something uniqe and chic if we chould mix it , realy didn't believe? lets see ....

 its the one of headband batik , it could be necklace too :D

love from me dainty :*

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