Thursday, August 16, 2012

another design in august :D

 this is the one that i really interest :D , coool isnt it? haha but really i hope this fit to my face but doesnt bcause my face too longger and it fit to mini face haha , but it really cool . material froom wood and the rope adjustable . wanna get this one? please contac me soon only 50idr xoxo

new again necklace with vintage foto , camera , typemachine, paris, and old camera , love love love . in while time i interest something old or vintages , anything about vintage made me so waw! my mom said that all vintage now avail is already on my mom times ago when he grow teenager like me now. in my head now i have a dream for built the house with all unique and vintages stuff . haaa let me show i could make it in my future :D LOVE VINTAGE anything old its not make you left behind . but use vintage for fix this global worming , lets mix :)

this is the box one 35idr have 4different foto please choose the number 1-4

 and this is the round one same have 4item foto lets choose what very you :D

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