Sunday, June 3, 2012

new logo

update to make it look fresher hehe, actually it already from the initial intention to create a new logo for Dainty handmade, make stickers, make a business card, which is all new packaging is more conceptualized. nah was in college DKV and get the task to make a logo for some new design or redesign the logo, hihi seeing as I already have my own business I will make it a chance just like the proverb once rowed exceeded two of three islands( sekali mendayung dua tiga pulau terlampaui) right isnt it?, hehe .grateful for what I get in live far away from what I imagined, it's better for sure , alhamdulillah . slow but sure , think positive, i try always do task now and try no delay , what im thinking now , what my planing , altough this all need inspiration , really needa lot of thinking to achieve perfection but since everything I do from a hobby so it includes all feel enjoy, must be completely set up extra time in which the coursework piling up with my business responsibilities, thanks God you save my day for everything positif .

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